The Only Legit Working, Closest Deal To An Upstore Premium Link Generator You Will Find

If you’re in need of just a few files (one or more), it obviously isn’t worth paying the full monthly price of a premium Upstore account.

We’ve made a simple solution for this, which is also the closest deal to a premium link generator that actually works: Just send us your desired file link(s), and we will get the file(s) for you…for the price of $1 (or less) / link.

All you need to do is fill the forms in the green box, and give us a few hours (which usually doesn’t take more than 24 hours max) to process your request and re-upload your requested content to a free and fast file hosting (WeTransfer or SendGB).

As soon as we’ve done, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with the completion of your order – this is what we call a download ticket. You [1] click on the link in the mail, [2] go through the automated checkout wizard, and [3] your file(s) are instantly delivered into your mailbox. That’s how simple it is.

No BS, no scam, no hidden fees. 100% Safe & Secure.

  • "I'm posting to confirm that this site is legit!!! I'm looking forward to future purchases. Thanks!!!"
    Christopher C.

  • "Thanks for the fast service! Well worth the money."
    Martin M.

  • "Legit service. After purchase, they will send the links in a minute."
    Hedr H.

  • "I know this looks like a scam, but it really works. I ordered about 16 hours ago (about 10:30), got my email at about 8, and checking out took about 5 minutes. I was honestly really impressed, as I expected them to run off with my money."

Learn How Our Service Works:

(Step 1) Paste Your Link(s)

Paste one (or more) Upstore (or downl.ink) links into the green box.

(Step 2) Wait For Delivery

Wait for us to get your desired file(s) and process your order.

(Step 3) Open Our Email

You'll receive your download ticket to the given email.

(Step 4) Pay via PayPal

Go through the checkout procedure (Click "Purchase").

(Step 5) Download Files

You'll instantly receive your new download link(s) ready for you.