Upstore Premium Link Generator – Does it exist? Sort of…

In this article we’re going to discuss whetver an Upstore Premium Link Generator actually exists.

While most file sharing websites are supported by several premium link generators, Upstore happens to be an exception, and it happens so for valid reasons.

The main reasons it isn’t existing in it’s traditional sense:

  • Upstore itself bans accounts when someone tries to use them for a premium link generator.
  • There is a daily download cap of 20GB.

Technically speaking, with these limitations it’s nearly impossible to run a premium link generator service for Upstore. Just think about it…The daily download cap would be drained extremely quickly. (Twenty downloads of a 1GB file would drain the account for 24 hours, leaving no room for other people to utilize the leeching service)

No matter how many of the premium link generator services I’ve tried, even those that claim they support Upstore, always turned out to be false. They simply don’t work.

However, there’s a solution that’s very close to an Upstore premium link generator

We have decided to launch a service (Upstore Leech) which helps people get those premium-only accessible files from Upstore.

The way that it works is very similar to a standard premium link generator, but it’s semi-manual.

Basically, you can submit your desired file links in a simple form, and we’ll get the files and re-uploads them elsewhere for you – such as WeTransfer or SendGB.

Processing is done manually, thus the service isn’t instant.

Another big difference of Upstore Leech in comparison to premium link generators is that it isn’t free. Simply because it couldn’t be free.

Running an ad-based approach with such conditions (especially the small daily download cap on Upstore accounts) is straigh impossible. The only way to make it feasible is asking for a small charge for re-uploads.

Luckily, it’s still very affordable ($1 / file, or even less – if you submit multiple file links in one batch).

You may be asking what’s the point of it, if one has to pay per file, which is a completely valid question. The answer is simple: If you’re someone who needs just a few files from Upstore, you will still end up spending less money than for an actual account (which is about $20 / month), plus you don’t have to give your credit card info. Payment on Upstore Leech works with PayPal.

If you’d like to get some files from Upstore without an Upstore premium account, head over to our homepage and explore what we offer as a solution. It might very well be an acceptable offer for you!