Upstore Premium Link Generators in 2021

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What Is Upstore?

Upstore is an online file hosting service established in late 2012, made to help people store and share their documents, photos, videos, and any other kind of data they own.

They have two kinds of accounts.

Anyone can register as a free user, and can use the site with certain limitations.

Many files are hosted as premium-only downloadable, which free users cannot access. In order to download premium files, you have to get a monthly premium account, which costs anywhere from 11.95€ to 75€, depending on how many months you'd like to get.
For more informations regarding their prices, you can check here.

Their servers are super fast and very reliable.

Many people need only a few files, and they barely consider getting a premium account as it simply isn't worth for them to pay an entire month for just a couple of files...

They start looking for solutions to bypass the download limitations, by trying to find a so called "premium link generator" or "leecher"...

A Working Upstore Premium Link Generator?

You probably are trying to find one which really works and has no fake surveys on the last step before it gains you permission to download your file...

Here are two things you need to know:

1.A truly working Upstore link generator doesn't exist, and we already talked about it why.

2.Good news is that we made a service which is very close to one, and is actually a legit thing. What's the catch? We couldn't make it free...We wish we could, but running ads wouldn't cover the costs for the hours we spend doing the actual work behind - processing the file requests, answering emails, helping people out when they need something, etc...But don't worry, it's really, REALLY cheap...We charge only $1 per file, and even less than that...

You may be asking what's the point if we charge money for it...You can just buy a premium account on Upstore by yourself, right? That's absolutely correct. However, we target people who need only a couple of files and nothing more...It's still cheaper spending $5 than $12 for the same files, and then leaving your account in the dust, very likely unused for the rest of time remaining...

How To Use It?

It's super simple...

Step 1) Go to https://upstore-leech.net

Step 2) Follow the instructions given in the green box.

Step 3) You will receive an email with your purchase ticket. Open the unique link provided, and simply do the checkout with PayPal. The entire payment process is done by the PayPal system, and we have no access to any of your payment data.

Step 4) Once you have finished with the checkout - which takes less than a minute, you will receive another email with the download link of your requested files.

Step 5) Enjoy! 🙂