Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the most frequent questions our visitors and customers tend to have.
If your question is not featured on this page, feel free to contact us.
Why is your service costing money?
Before going for the approach of directly charging our customers, we have considered running an ad-based service, but since Upstore itself has a daily download limit of 20GB on the accounts, this is not an option. The revenue generated by ads is extremely low, and would not cover the costs of running the service.
Is there any other payment method beside PayPal?
As of now, we only have PayPal as a payment method.
How long does it take for my request to be processed?
We strive to process requests as soon as we can. The usual processing time takes several hours, but generally depends on the workload.
I haven't received my links after a successful purchase. What now?
In this case, please use the "Report Issue" form in the menu, and we will do our best to investigate the issue and send you your re-uploads.
Can you refund my money?
Since we cannot retrieve the content you obtained once you have paid for it, we can't offer refunds.
If by any error you didn't receive your new links (or they aren't working), please report it by choosing the "Report Issue" option, and we will do our best to solve your problem. In case you have an issue and you'd rather have your money back, please specify it in the issue reporting form.
My download links are slow. What can I do?
If you experience slow download speeds from the links you've received from us, please use the "Report Issue" form in the menu, and we will provide you new links. If the speed issue is caused by your internet service provider, we can't help with that.
What data is collected about me, if any?
We keep data collection to the bare minimum. This means that no other data is collected except the essential ones required for processing your request. For more details regarding this question, please head over to the Privacy Policy page.
How do I request complete deletion of my personal data?
To request a removal of the very small amount of data we collect during a purchase, please go to the Contact page and tell us you want your data to be removed. We answer all messages, so you will get a reply ASAP.